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 Chapter 9 Cursed Past

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PostSubject: Chapter 9 Cursed Past   Chapter 9 Cursed Past Icon_minitimeSat Nov 14, 2009 9:17 pm

Here it is...if anyone still reads this...

Miyako's eyes widened. "He's being possessed!" His claw shot out, and a green shield covered the doorway. Daisuke - no, Dealas, Miyako reminded himself - pushed Miyako aside with a simple flick of his claw. The Tsume crashed into the wall, the wind knocked out of him. Dealas smashed through the green shield with a black blade that covered his arm. He kicked down the door and raced down the hall. Miyako recovered and started after him. Down the halls, Miyako chased Dealas.
Finally, after turning a corner, Miyako lost sight of him. Miyako cursed and looked around. We're close to the Pole room, he thought. But the tunnels also led to the Colosseum and, of course, the Torture room. He cursed again. He would never catch the rogue at this rate.

Dealas took Daisuke's body down the halls to the room below the Pole room. He had an ally there that he thought he could still trust.
Opening the door, Dealas stepped into the Lower Pole room. "Bibizi, get out here, you bakaero!"
The pole glowed briefly, then a shade-like panther flowed from it. :What do you want Dealas? Why have you taken this boy's body?:
Dealas smiled. "He found my name in the Death Poem, just as I made that fool Kairi write. He's the perfect body, almost as good as my old one!"
Bibizi scowled. :Then what do you need me for?:
Dealas glared at the spirit. "I need you to be my spirit again, until I can convert the boy's."
"What do you mean,'no'!?" Dealas snarled. "You don't have a choice!"
:The boy is not yours!: Bibizi growled. :Kaita!:
Dealas stepped back.
Another step.
Dealas let out a scream that shook the room. His body glowed, and a spirit-like form rose from it. As soon as the spirit was separated from Daisuke's body, Bibizi pounced on the phantom of Dealas and ripped it to shreads. Daisuke collapsed on the floor.
:Thank you, Bibizi.: Keitara thought at the panther.
:Get the boy out of this place, and don't let any of them know that I saved him, not even him. Until he needs me, never mention it.:
:I understand. Though I hate to say it,: he said, :I look foreward to that day.: part eventually...
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Chapter 9 Cursed Past
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