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 Khana Vashi

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Character Profile

PostSubject: Khana Vashi   Fri Jan 02, 2009 1:18 pm

Name of character: Khana Vashi

Type of creature : Double-Bladed Human

Description: Mask - His mask is made of a strong, light metal. Each side is curved into a point (like the phantom guy from Blood+. I forget his name). It only covers the area around his eyes and the top of his nose (again, like the phantom). The left side of the mask is white with gold libes, and the right is black with silver lines. The mask is decorated with two dragons; each with their tails wrapped around an eye and their heads near the edge of the mask on the opposite side. Their mouths are open wide to display fangs. The dragons are colored with the color scheme of the eye they are wrapped around. The eye of each dragon is a gem; the white dragon's is a sapphire, while the black dragon's is a ruby. The eye holes of the mask are large enough that Khana has near-average periphoral vision. His mask is attatched to his head by a thick black thread.

Head - He has long, thick midnight-black hair with dark indigo highlights. His ears are average size and shape, as is his head. His eyes, a deep chestnut, are warm and welcoming. His skin is a very light tan. His lips are a bright crimson, and his teeth are very white. Each canine is longer than average, giving a feral look to his smile. He has a short, slender neck.

Arms - He has lean, slightly muscular arms ending in smallish hands. On each hand he has a silk glove; his right is black, and his left is white.

Personality: You're character's personality. If you need help, think of what they like, weather they're happy or grumpy, and how they act to other people and react to certain situations. ( in at least 3 sentences!!!) This is usually tied with their history.

History: The life of your character so far. Start off with where they were born, and put important things that have happened in their life. They don't need to have been an orphan with a super dramatic life to have had an interesting life. xD ( in at least 6 sentences!!!)

Age of character: Eh...22 I guess

I'm going to work hard on this one and keep adding to him. He'll be one of my more in-depth characters.
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Khana Vashi
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