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 Random Fake Equations

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PostSubject: Random Fake Equations   Random Fake Equations Icon_minitimeMon Dec 15, 2008 5:43 pm

I was bored today in Math, so I made up a bunch of fake, nearly (or actually) impossible. Here they are (kind of).

E times the square root of (pi times i over delta) = W
[E is energy, as stated in Einstein's formula, i is, as some of you may know, the square root of -1, delta is change, and W is a wormhole]

(Q times i times pi cubed) divided by (the square root of 99) = -E
[Q is the cubed root of pi]

Sigma = -E divided by (i times delta)
[sigma is reverse (or dark) energy]

M = delta times V times -E times K
[M is matter (Einstein's formula again), V is velocity, and K is the speed of sound]

Yes, I know I'm extremely crazy. But so is everybody else in some way or another.
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Random Fake Equations
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