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PostSubject: Mamoru   Mamoru Icon_minitimeSun Sep 28, 2008 11:44 pm

Name of character: Mamoru

Type of creature : Fairy

Description: Mamoru has short, straight, and usually dark hair, and often wears formal clothes, though sometimes he can have a casual look. He holds a expressionless or speculating face most of the time. Basically, he has a serious demeanor.

Personality: Mamoruu doesn't seem to display much of his thoughts, and is quiet and careful. However, if he has to speak, he is polite and open-minded. He doesn't get angry easily, or hate people easily. He takes everything seriously, and doesn't really laugh. Sometimes he seems so zone out, but he is always aware of his surroundings and what's going on. Despite his strangely desolate personality, he seems to be different around Shizuku. He listens to everything she says, and is very kind and open to her. They seem to share their own seperate bond, and he is extremely protective of her, though she doesn't seem to be the same.

Mamoru SugiyamaTakeshi

History: Mamoru shares little of his history with anyone, and rarely talk about it around Shizuku either. Of what is said, he lived in a nice place in Fantajii that was quite boring where nothing happened, and was a childhood friend to Shizuku. Now he travels to help fulfill Shizuku's strange dream, and plays the odd role of her servant.

Age of character: 18
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