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 The great evil lies just beyond the wall...

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PostSubject: The great evil lies just beyond the wall...   Fri Jul 04, 2008 11:57 am

Sankudo padded up to the entrance of the cave where she'd sent the evil monster-things so long ago. It growled at her from the far depths. "No," she said simply, "You're not coming out cuz you'll be mean to peoplez again and thats against the rules!"
"Your rules perhaps, but not the ones that have governed this land for eons. Our rules, the true rules, will overcome your own eventually. Then you'll be begging us to come out of this hell-hole and help." The beasts laughed insanely, and the leader, the First, spoke again, "The Five will rise again, in due time m'lady..."

Sankudo hopped up to a little cave on top of the other one and curled up to sleep, thinking on what the Five had said. It's against the rules to be mean to people. It's against the rules to hurt people. It's against the rules to kill people...I'm glad I gave them an un-bouncy no-pie room. They're so bad that they don't get bottle caps, and they don't get to celebrate any holidays... Her face drooped. "Are you guys sad because you don't get pie or bottlecaps?" she asked them. She got no reply. Oh well...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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The great evil lies just beyond the wall...
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