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 Warriors: Snowfall

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PostSubject: Warriors: Snowfall   Mon Mar 17, 2008 11:28 pm

Yayz! Another great story-started from moi! This one is a Warriors story! I'll put the maps up too if I can ever refine my art enough to make them...


Leader - Ragingstar: pale brown tom with long ears

Deputy - Mousefoot: dark brown she-cat with lighter brown paws
Apprentice - Thornpaw

Medicine Cat - Raventongue: short-haired black tom

Warriors - Blackclaw: black-and-grey tom
Apprentice - Shadowpaw
Stormwind: grey tom with bright blue eyes
Longfang: pale she-cat with brown spots
Rainwhisker: sleek-furred grey she-cat
Blazingheart: bright ginger tom
Apprentice - Hawkpaw

Apprentices -
Thornpaw: brown tom with grey splotches
Shadowpaw: black she-cat with a silver muzzle
Hawkpaw: brown-yellow tom with yellow eyes

Queens - Larksun: light brown coat
Kits - Barkkit: brown tom, Gorsekit: light grey tom with creamy paws

Elders - Moonsong: dull grey she-cat
Stonefang: grey tom whose eyes glow yellow


Leader - Swiftstar: pale brown tom with long legs

Deputy - Tidepool: blue-grey she-cat
Apprentice - Mosspaw

Medicine Cat - Scorchfoot: ginger tom with black paws

Warriors - Minttail: light grey she-cat
Frogleap: emerald eyed grey she-cat with long legs
Azureclaw: blue-silver tom with
Apprentice - Salmonpaw
Birchtail: brown tom with lighter brown specks
Apprentice - Marshpaw
Runningstream: swift white tom

Apprentices -
Mosspaw: dark grey she-cat
Salmonpaw: light ginger tom with white specks
Marshpaw: grey she-cat with darker flecks

Queens - Jadefrost: black-and-white striped she-cat
Kits - Lilykit: white she-cat with grey paws, Stonekit: grey tom

Elders - Cloudeye: blind white tom
Notongue: mute grey tom


Leader - Ancientstar: stone-grey tom with a ragged pelt

Deputy - Redclaw: powerful brown tom with ginger tufts on his tail and feet

Medicine Cat - Shadowpelt: black she-cat
Apprentice - Hawkpaw

Warriors - Stonepelt: grey-brown tom
Mistclaw: silver-grey she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice - Snowpaw
Icegale: white she-cat
Sunsetmoon: ginger she-cat with black stripes
Eagletail: brown tom
Apprentice - Mousepaw
Willowclaw: brown-grey she-cat
Russetclaw: dark tabby tom with a sand-colored tail tip
Minnowtail: blue-grey she-cat, born in OceanClan

Apprentices -
Hawkpaw: yellow-brown tom
Snowpaw: white tom with grey paws
Mousepaw: brown she-cat

Queens - Fogwhisper: silver she-cat
Kits - Duskkit: black tom, Dawnkit: grey-silver tom, Twilightkit: black she-cat
Softwhisker: pale she-cat
Kits - Coldkit: pale tom with ginger splotches, Bravekit: brown tom green eyes

Elders - Feathertoe: grey she-cat
Crookedtail: brown tom with a crooked tail


Leader - Fernstar: grey she-cat with green eyes

Deputy - Ravenclaw: black tom with white splotches

Medicine Cat - Tsunamiclaw: blue-grey tom with blue eyes
Apprentice - Jaggedrain

Warriors - Yellowmist: grey tom
Birchvapor: light brown tom with blue eyes
Apprentice - Jaypaw
Rabbitclaw: brown she-cat
Goldenheart: golden-yellow tom
Apprentice - Blazepaw
Lilyflame: ginger she-cat with pale ear tips
Apprentice - Dapplepaw
Pantherfur: black-and-grey tom, formerly rouge

Apprentices -
Jaggedrain: grey tom
Blazepaw: ginger she-cat with flame-like black stripes
Jaypaw: grey tom
Dapplepaw: grey-and-ginger calico she-cat

Queens - Opalsky: white she-cat with cream chest fur
Kits - Thornkit: brown tom, Brackenkit: brown-and-grey spotted tom, Whitekit: completely white tom

Elders - Owlclaw: brown tom
Molesight: blind grey tom

Cats Outside Clans

Blaze: ginger-coated tom with many battle scars, rouge


The moon shone down on five huge rocks arranged in a circle. The clearing was filled with harsh whispers from many cats. Some of those gathered hissed in protest and disgust. One muscular tom stood on the great rock in the center. "Be silent!" he hissed above the clamor. As the noise died down, he proceded, "We have to warn the Clans of this! That cat must not be allowed to control the four lands!"
A sleek silver she-cat hopped onto the rock beside him. "Summitstar, slow down and think for a second. You out of all cats should know that uniting the Clans is near impossible."
Summitstar sighed. "Yes, Oceanstar, I know that. Thus, we have to choose cats from each Clan to bring them together, as StarClan has done in the past."
Oceanstar nodded and beaconed for two other cats to stand with them, a thin sandy she-cat and a grey-and-black spotted tom. The tom spoke first. "I have made my decision. This shall be ForestClan's representative."
A dark tom appreared in a pool of water at the foot of the rock. The she-cat stepped back a pace. "Are you sure this is the cat you meant, Foreststar? A former rouge to unite the Clans?"
"Yes," Foreststar replied simply. "His past will make it easier for him to accept this fate."
Oceanstar stepped up next. "OceanClan's representative will be next."
A white tom replaced the black one in the pool. The other leaders nodded. Murmurs of approval rose from the cats seated below as well. Summitstar spoke next, "A wise choice, and a loyal cat." He stepped foreward before adding, "My shoice has been made. This cat will represent SummitClan. Her choices have made her a perfect cat for this mission."
The face of a blue-grey she-cat glittered in the water. Looks of assent greeted the chosen cat. The final cat stepped foreward. "GrassClan's cat will be this young one."
A brown tom's face shone bright. Foreststar stepped up and growled, "An apprentice, Grassstar?"
Grassstar hissed back, "You're one to talk! You chose a rouge!"
The two stepped foreward and snarled at each other. Before either cat raised a claw, a small silver cat jumped up between them. "Is this really the time to fight, Foreststar, Grassstar? I would expect you to honor each other's decisions more than that."
The two cats stepped back, eyes still blazing, but cooling off. Foreststar diped his head. "I am sorry to have angered you, Star."
Star nodded. "Now you must choose a cat to deliver this message."
Foreststar looked towards the pool of water. A small white kit appeared, greeted with a few gasps. Star nodded in approval. "You've made a good choice, Foreststar. Very well, give this kit our prophecy."
The starry cats retreated and the clearing was dark once more.

Whitekit's eyes flung wide open and he lept to his feet, rousing his two brothers Thornkit and Brackenkit. "Wha?" Thornkit exclaimed sleepily. Whitekit ignored him and nudged his mother awake. Opalsky quickly rose asnd attended to Whitekit, saying, "Is everything alright, Whitekit? Is anyone hurt?"
Whitekit shook his head. "I have to talk to Fernstar. It's really important."
The white she-cat's fur settled, but she was still taken aback. "You...want to talk to Fernstar?"
Whitekit nodded. Opalsky still looked unsure, but she was silent. She stood and beaconed for Whitekit to follow her. "Thornkit, Brackenkit, you stay out of trouble, okay?" The two brown toms nodded, their faces filled with confusion.
Opalsky led him to the hollow tree where the leader slept. Before he could protest, the queen took him in her mouth and jumped up the branches to the opening. Placing Whitekit down on the ledge carefully, Opalsky called into the den, "Fernstar? Whitekit would like to speak to you about something."
A "come in" sounded from within. Whitekit took a last look at Opalsky before he entered. Inside the powerful grey she-cat layed on the floor. She started, "Well, Whitekit, what briongs you here at such a late hour?"
Whitekit sat down in front of her and started slowly, "A StarClan cat told me to tell you about a prophecy." Whitekit's conversation with the starry cat flashed clearly in his mind. "The winds of fate will save the forest from peril. Fire will rage and devastate the land, and neither water nor earth can quench it. The wind will put it out. One will rise, one will fall, one from outside will enter, and one from the inside will leave. The mountains will shudder, the seas will cry out, the trees will shake, and the moor will become barren. One of the four will betray the others, and another will die because of it. The remaining two will seperate. Only the wind can reunite them and destroy the flames."
Fernstar's eyes had grown more troubled as Whitekit recited this. She let out a sigh and didn't speak for a few moments. When she finally replied, her tone was hushed, as if she was talking to herself. "What does it mean, though? Is the wind GrassClan?" She looked back at Whitekit and sighed again. "I'm sorry. You only know as much as I do. Thank you. I'll remember it." She was silent for a minute or so before she added, "How about you go back to the nursury with your mother and get some rest."
Whitekit let out a yawn and nodded sleepily. He stepped out of the den and followed his mother silently back to the nursury. Fernstar watched the entrance until the two had left, then padded out and looked skyward. Silverpelt glittered above, all the warriors of StarClan watching them. This new prophecy; what did it all mean? Would any cat be able to prevent this destruction? And what was GrassClan's place in all of this? All Fernstar knew was that she and the rest of ForestClan would right to the end against whatever evil thing was coming.


^^ So, how was the prologue? I'll try to write a chapter at a time and post them, but, you know me...<.< >.>
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PostSubject: Re: Warriors: Snowfall   Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:03 pm

It was pretty kewlllllll and yes I do know you! But I have to read more so try to get more ok?? o.<
Btw Grassstar, lolz, has three ss that's kewll it's like Grasssssssssstar!
and I loved the name Opalsky o______________o It's so awesome!!!!!!!!!! My favorite stone is an's my birthstone too 0:
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Number of posts : 770
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PostSubject: Re: Warriors: Snowfall   Tue Mar 18, 2008 5:19 pm

Woahness...thatz awesome! ^^ And like I said, I'll try to, but I have no idea which cat of the prophecy to follow. @.@ I might follow SummitClan, tho...they're cool.
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Female Number of posts : 1781
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PostSubject: Re: Warriors: Snowfall   Fri Mar 21, 2008 5:34 pm

Hmm...I think it would be interesting from any point of could even try more than one 0: but that would be hard xD
You hafta write more thooooooo!
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PostSubject: Re: Warriors: Snowfall   

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Warriors: Snowfall
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