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PostSubject: Litchisky   Litchisky Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2007 3:58 pm

Name of character: Litchisky

Type of creature : Nekomata

Description: Litchisky is a colorful calico as a cat. Her colors are green, a fruity pink, and a lime green, which probably why she has the name Litchi. In her human form she has the appearance of a shy girl with short fruity hair and peachy colored eyes. She usually wears a somewhat bright outfit with her tail hanging out.

Personality: Litchisky has a reserved personality. She keeps to herself, and sometimes people get annoyed by her shyness. She tends to make mistakes a lot, and and finds herself blaming herself too.

History: Litchisky always had an interest in other worlds and traveling. She likes enjoying the sights and looking at scenic spots. So, she became a traveler, or at least, that's everyone's guess on why. She makes her home in Yoru, despite it's darkness and lack of plants. She's is not actually from Yoru though. She is from far away, but no one really knows where.

Goal: Traveler

Age of character: 15
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