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 Hermione Jane Granger

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Character Profile

PostSubject: Hermione Jane Granger   Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:17 am

Name of character: Hermione Jane Granger

Type of creature : Woodland Elf

Description: Hermione is closely related to a human, with the exception of her small size and pointy ears. She is slender and only about 5 feet tall. Her silky mahogany-brown, hair is long and wavy, and she prefers to wear it down, where locks frame her pointy face and matches her large, amber eyes.

Hermione's outfit matches naturally with the environment around her. Her clothes are woven beautifully with silks, and are always well-suited to her. Her all-time favorite outfit is a long-sleeved white top with flowing sleeves and a sky-blue medium-length skirt that reaches to her knees. Her boots are white and glimmers in the moonlight. Along with that, she has a little brown bag slung across her shoulders that reaches up to her waist. In cold or chilly weather, she drapes a lightweight black winter cloak on her shoulders that keeps her nicely warm.

Hermione never lets her wand get out of her sight. A thin willow wand of about 9 ˝ inches with a unicorn-hair core is like her arm. It is essential to her powers, and most of her magic is stored in there.

Personality: Hermione’s general personality can be considered semi-bearable. She can act like a smart-aleck know-it-all when she’s annoyed at the ignorance of the world. When she’s in a helpful mood, her brilliance begins to shine.

Hermione is extremely clever. She spends her time with her nose in a thick spell-book or other, and can tend to block out outside noises. When she’s in her helpful mood, the person being help can expect much from her. She will do all she can to accomplish a task, and will be very stubborn in insisting to complete it.

Her social life isn’t very active. She can be shy around unfamiliar people, but she is a big animal lover. She shows her real personality to her closest friends, but tends to trust herself more than anyone else.

Her best friend is her owl, Skye. Skye is a beautiful barn owl with wide, tawny eyes. Beautiful spotted patterns adorn each feather, and when Skye flies, it is very graceful and elegant and the envy of all flying creatures.

History: Hermione lived a happy and cheerful life with her parents in the Moonlight Forest. The elves all lived close together and had strong bonds with each others, but her parents died drastically one day when they were confronted with the evil that was just arising. Hermione, then only 5 years old, remembered when the leader of the Elf-Clan broke the news to her. She was depressed for months and eventually ran away to the Wilderness. There, she lived alone and trained herself until she was a skilled warrior. Hermione channeled her magic through her trusty wand, is now advanced in the skills of Dark Magic and wizardry.

Age of character: 15 Years old.

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Character Profile

PostSubject: Re: Hermione Jane Granger   Mon Feb 18, 2008 1:56 am

Ummmm okies so you wanna be an elf? And you have magic o.0;; Well I'm not sure I can let you be smthng like that unless you are an admin or smthng
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Hermione Jane Granger
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