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Character Profile

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PostSubject: Silentmoon   Silentmoon Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2007 3:50 pm

Name of character: Silentmoon

Type of creature : human ( fights with sword)

Description: Silentmoon has long black hair that's kind of scruffy. She has equally dark blue eyes, and a dark outfit. She does not look deppressed or gothic, but she has a mysterious dark look.

Personality: Silentmoon has a serious personality, and usually thinks before she acts. She rarely smiles; not to say she's never happy. She's not unhappy, she just has a more thoughful personality, and seems to know things that others don't.

History: Silentmoon holds mystery, but this much is known. Silentmoon was born in Fantajii and has close ties with her home, Umi. Her love for Umi is strong, and she feels complete loyalty to it. Becoming a bounty hunter was quite sudden, but she takes her job seriously and has traveled farther than Eien with it. Silentmoon has been known to be one of the best bounty hunters of Fantajii, after all. She's traveled ever since she was little, and they say that traveling beyond Eien never left her the same...

Goal: Bounty Hunter

Age of character: 17 years old
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