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 Store/Battle Coin Options

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PostSubject: Store/Battle Coin Options   Tue Feb 12, 2008 10:10 pm

A closed sign hangs outside the window.

[lv. 2 weapon-rapier] {300}
[lv. 2 weapon-daggers] {300}
[lv. 2 weapon-thick lance] {1400}
[lv. 2 weapon-heavy gauntlets] {300}
[weapon-arrows] {100}
[weapon-longbow and arrows] {300}

[Fireball-fire element:shoots a fireball] {400}
[Squall-wind element:creates a gust of wind] {400}
[Ray-light element:shines a bright light] {400}
[Water Shot-water element:shoots a compacted ball of water] {400}
[Wood Shield-nature element:raises roots to form a shield] {400}
[Dark Ray-shadow element:shoots a black light] {400}
[Static-electric element:zaps with electricity] {400}
[Zombify-death element:brings up a zombie] {800}
[Sluggish-time element:slows down time for other people] {800}
[Quicksand-earth element:turns ground to thin sand] {400}
[Decieve-illusion element:changes appearance] {800}

Battle Coins

10 Tajii per Battle Coin

Buy: Shunti Passtube <800>
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Store/Battle Coin Options
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