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Character Profile

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PostSubject: Chionizo   Chionizo Icon_minitimeWed Aug 01, 2007 3:29 pm

Name of character:chionizo

Roleplayed by: Onionknight

Character Profile from Onionknight

Home : Ame

Type of creature : Wolf

coat like the snow with the front left leg bottom half streaked a dark
shade of red.Green eyes like a lush forest.And has a black muzzle.

Personality: Open-minded but self-centered

Throughout the years of listining to the elders tales of the vast
worlds beyond ,lush forests with the many creatures hidden in the
prickly bushes and the god-like trees that reach to the sun-gleamed
canopy, the never ending fields ofwhite beauty shrowded by the teeth
shattering cold of icy twisters,and the secret filled seas in which
below the surface is a mere reflection of the world above
Chioni(Chionizo) was baffled,and it was decided.He told the Alpha male
that he must venture out to find the true destiny that would shape him
into the true wolf he would become.Chioni left right then since the
moment it was decided.Only to take some mouth watering food of his
origin on the trip he called the destiny passing.He did not miss home
much though because it was only natural to leave his mother,and his
only friend perished from the blizzardon her passing.Now Chioni can
never turn back from his passing and it has only just started...

Goal: Traveler

Age of character: 8moons
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