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 Kiyoshi Arata

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PostSubject: Kiyoshi Arata   Mon Feb 11, 2008 9:18 pm

Name of character: Kiyoshi Arata

Type of creature: Vampyre (because you screwed up humans Xp)


Personality: Kiyoshi is very childish, since he looks ten and all, and he never grew out of that phase, he acts like a child in almost all ways, crying from the slightly things, that is, unless he is in his 'dark phase' thats is where he gets a bloodlust and kills whoever pisses him off, this was the only real way for him to keep acting like a child, the normal part of his doesnt remember anything the dark phase does, but the dark phase knows everything that the normal phase does

Kiyoshi had a normal life, he wasnít some fighter that slayed monsters or a powerful lord of a castle, no, he was a normal peasant that had no thought of glory, but, thatís what he got, in a sick and twisted way, when he was about 18, and completely grown, he was sitting in a bar, having a drink, wondering how bad his life to get, when a women came over to him and talked to him, he was charmed, not knowing what she was, and was led away, up stair they went, to her room, where she suddenly shoved him against the wall, Kiyoshi was stunned, he couldnít do anything as the women moved over to him and smiled at him, then went to his neck and bite, the pain lasted only for second, then nothing but bliss, soon he blacked out, later Kiyoshi woke up and was in a warehouse, along side other corpses, it seems that she turned him without meaning to, Kiyoshi didnít know that at the time and just got out of there, he moves away and looks in the mirror, thatís when he finds out, he couldnít believe what happened to him and so he ran away from his town and into the wild, where he got a hold of himself after a hundred years, thatís when he moved back into the towns and cities, he became the student of a master swordsman and learned all that he could before getting himself a katana and moving on, deciding that seeing the world would be a good thing for a vampyre to do, though he does look out for hunters, since they have started to come out of the woodwork just the same as vampyres have for the last dozen years

Age of character: 462

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PostSubject: Re: Kiyoshi Arata   Mon Feb 11, 2008 9:23 pm

I didn't screw up humans xPPPPPPPPPPPP!xPxPxPxPxPxPxP!
and of course you're accepted...................................
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Kiyoshi Arata
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