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 Kovan's Dark Lore - Skills of a Murderer

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Kovan's Dark Lore - Skills of a Murderer Empty
PostSubject: Kovan's Dark Lore - Skills of a Murderer   Kovan's Dark Lore - Skills of a Murderer Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 6:43 pm

Name of skill: Fox Shread

Description: Kovan bites down on the opponent somewhere. He then shakes his head from side to side to saw open the wound. If possible, he will also drag his teeth along whatever he is biting to make a big, deep, long wound. His most powerful attack currently.

Name of skill: Side Bash

Description: Kovan lunges forward then rams into the opponent's side. If this fails, he can then twist around and try again. If the opponent jumps in the air, he can ground himself and kick upwards to hit the opponent that way.

Name of skill: Jump Fang

Description: Kovan first gets a running start. He jumps into the air not far from the opponent, then crahses down on top of them with claws in front. If an overhanging tree limb or other object is avaliable, he will push himself off of it to get extra power. He then bites the opponent while they're more vulnerable.
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Kovan's Dark Lore - Skills of a Murderer
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