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 Keina's Skillsies yo

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Keina's Skillsies yo Empty
PostSubject: Keina's Skillsies yo   Keina's Skillsies yo Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 6:09 pm

Name of skill: Twin Arrows

Description: Keina hits enemies with shots of two arrows per shot. It takes only a second to pull the bow back, but is a long range attack and is quite slow when you want to have many arrows hitting the enemy. Still hurts to get hit though. xD

Name of skill: Torch Arrows

Description: Keina takes flint stones ( lolz) and lights the edge of the arrows for a fiery hit. Not that fiery or much more harmful, but scares the heck out of enemies...I mean, who wants to get burned?

Don't have my last skill yet. Think that's pretty good for now though. ne~ :3 jk jk about the ne part
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Keina's Skillsies yo
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