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 SAGA - 1st Chapter

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PostSubject: SAGA - 1st Chapter   Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:19 pm

An actual chapter? Not just a prologue? This is what some of you may be thinking. Yes, this is an actual first chapter, and I will continue the story. If I don't, make sure to "remind" me. Well, here's SAGA!

"Thank you, Mr. Katash. Pleasure doing buisiness with you." The man turned and walked away. Yet another sould won, Gideon Katash, also known as Ka'atash, the commander of the forces in the Omega Sector, thought to himself. He smiled and made his way down the street to his apartment. Not unusual to watching eyes. Once inside, he strode over to his desk and...disappeared.

Back on the spaceship Zion, the humans appeared in the teleporter. A green-grey skinned alien came up to him and bowed. "Commander Ka'atash, welcome back. Should I prepare the tar pit?" Ka'atash nodded and said, "Thank you, Gibor. Perhaps I shall give you a tip."
The young Simpleton's face glinted, but he merely nodded and retreated. Appearing again moments later, Gibor ushered the Commander down the hall. The cold grey walls now and then flashed dull blue with energy being redirected around the ship. Gibor turned into a side room. Steam rose from pools filled with black tar. Gibor shuffled away to complete more tasks. As soon as his tail left the doorway, Ka'atash sunk into one of the pits. He could feel the hot tar start to harden on his skin, creating an armor-like coating. Once he completely coated himself, he got out and started to shave his outer skin off. Cutting precise lines on it, he peeled it off with ease. The tar-blackened skin underneath gleamed in the blue lights. Moving his hands roughly, he mind-maneuvered the tar out of his skin and into a sphere, which he them threw into the pit he'd used. To complete his transformation, he hardened the underlayer and cracked off all human parts. His alien skin was pure white; his eyes were a hawk-like yellow. Slowly his tail and nerve cords regrew. Gibor returned with the Commander's red and white robes and clothed him. Wsing mind-maneuvering again, Ka'atash threw bolts of steel into the holdes of the robe in different directiong, then sliced off the excess with a simple mind slice. The ends he collected and thre into the slots in the ground, activating the color change system. He stepped on the panel and changed to the average green of a commoner. Even a Commander likes to have his old skin back every once in a while. As he was walking back to his room, another Simpleton, Giteki, stopped him. "Sir, a representative from Delta has come to see you."
Ka'atash's eyes widened. "Why would Delta be contacting me?" The Simpleton cringed. " not know, sir. Shall I send him away?" Ka'atash composed himself and replied, "No, tell him I will accompany him shortly."
Giteki nodded and scurried off to the meeting room. The Commander returned to the tar room and changed to ceremonial colors, purple, gold, and blue, before heading towards the room. Inside was a Simpleton wearing the green that symbolized the Delta Sector. The Simpleton bowed and addressed the commander, "Good day to you, Ka'atash. I am Gidon of the Delta Sector. My captain sends his approval of your work here at Omega." Ka'atash narrowed his eyes. "If I am not mistaken, Kardet wouldn't send a messanger for just that. And why should I need Delta's approval when I am higher in rank?"
Gidon smiled. "It seemes you haven't heard. Kardet has been moved to Beta. Ka'atil leads us now, " he paused, "You're very good at detecting purposes, though. My commander wishes to aid you in taking over this sector, since it seems that you haven't yet."
Ka'atash's talons grew at such an insult from a Simpleton. "Tell your Commander," he emphasized the word, "that Omega needs no help. But if Delta so desires, he can send supplies to aid us."
Gidon frowned slightly, but he backed down. "Very well, I will report this to Ka'atil. Farewell, Commander." He got up and teleported back to his ship. Gibor entered and asked, "Will you return to the planet, sir? We'll need more men soon."
Ka'atash nodded. Gizach, Giken, Gimark, and Gikai had already undergone transformations, and Kyle and David were already ready for it. If he was lucky, Keichi would also come aboard. As soon as he had obtained the rest of this makeshift human army, he would begin the invasion as planned. But for now, he had other things to worry about...
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PostSubject: Re: SAGA - 1st Chapter   Fri Feb 01, 2008 6:23 pm

WOW aweseome vocab Zeph (:
ANd ewww the skin part was nasty xD
but yeah, I'll remind you daily then [;<
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SAGA - 1st Chapter
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