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 Welcome to Yerva!! [Not complete]

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PostSubject: Welcome to Yerva!! [Not complete]   Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:44 pm

Welcome to Yerva, a place in Fantajii that after much difficulties, had become peaceful and safe. You will find it an easy travel here. Jii-ers are mostly friendly, and the weather is always bright. There are many green and colorful sights to see. Only level 1 skills are allowed here, to help preserve peace, unless you have travelled further than here and have passports to other places. There are no dangerous monsters. All the wild animals here are harmless. Tani is a silent and open valley, a nice place to start off. You might reach the deep and endless woods. It is nearly impossibile to go through them. The border ends on the cold, grassless, edges on the other side.

It is a tradition to hold fight in the arena, though you'll have to travel to see that, or be part of it. If you would like to travel beyond you have to defeat Jay. There is much vegetation to eat, and fruits as well. Yerva has delicious bread, called, Yervan-Bread. You can enjoy the scenic peaceful views, or battle it out as you wish.

The Yervan country was made from followers of Ataami and the Sun. Not much is known about them at that time because afterwards Yerva became a long destroyed and empty land, because of the strange fight in the legend. The earliest Yervans known aboutmade small villiages in the wide green expanses and worshiped nature and the sun. They believed that Ataami had good reason for what choices it made during the famous legend known by all. Yerva was always close allies with only the country that followed Cinaed, another follower of the sun. After many disappearences and strange happenings it was finally, thought reluctantly, decided that Fantajii-ers should start out in Yerva. Since then it has become more populated, but this has caused some argument...
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Welcome to Yerva!! [Not complete]
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