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Character Profile

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PostSubject: Kokujin   Kokujin Icon_minitimeSat Oct 27, 2007 4:48 pm

Name of character:Kokujin

Type of creature : Human

Description: (look at my avatar)

Personality: Lawful Evil, Avoid Meaningless Fights, Sometimes go berserk

History: Kokujin was raised by as an slave....He did his slavery chores more than anyone can imagine...he was sick of it....he wanted more as more as he did he gained Pink Muscle that humans have rarely because muscles are composed Red and White muscles....Pink is the rarest mucles that humans can have.....But since he started having his muscular built body the master was afraid that he would once rebel against him....So his master gave him freedom....That is what every man and women seeks freedom.
But he lied he was only giving freedom so he could kill Kokujin once he passes the door...Kokujin was scarred at the back because of his master...The master slashed him with a Katana in the back....Kokujin became berserk...Days after people saw the corpse of the master....HEad cut down....Legs twsited....and arms dislocated. Kokujin escaped.

Goal: Villain

Age of character: 21
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