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Character Profile

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PostSubject: Tentaichi   Tentaichi Icon_minitimeWed Sep 26, 2007 7:45 pm

Name of character: The name of your character that you will Role play with Tentaichi

RPGer: Tentaichi

Type of creature : Look at the creature thread to see what types of creatures there can be Human

Description: How you character looks ( in at least 3 sentences)He's about 5'5.He's strong.His skin tone is black.

Personality: This is my story.I'm a human who is fighting for justice the best way I
can.I love teaming up with people.I like to talk with friends.I also
want to get stronger to protect those friends.I will keep my friends
close to my heart.

The life of your character so far. ( in at least 6 sentences)His
country he lives in is Ame.He was a simple trainee in a school for a
samurai class.He has to fight to protect his family.He is strong at
heart even though he doesn't show it.

Goal: ( Hero, villain, or Traveler. See Goals Thread) Hero

Age of character: How old your character is 20
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