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PostSubject: Benson   Sat Sep 15, 2007 12:44 pm

Name of character: Benson Hien

Type of creature : Human

Description: This gentleman's cunning, slitted eyes are the exact color of blooming violets. He has shoulder-length, obsidian hair bound in one large ponytail. His body is very slender.

Indignant on the surface, but intrigued underneath.
Sociable on the surface, but aggressive underneath.
Assertive, but many mistake it for being despairing.

History: The long lost brother of Kokujin....luckily he was raised in a family on the contrary Kokujin was raised as a slave...knowing that his brother was alive...He traveled to the unknown worlds of Fantajii and got lost...he is still lost somewhere in this scary world but tries to bear his convictions...He will not stop until he finds his brother.

Goal: Obviously Villain

Age of character: 18
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