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Character Profile

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PostSubject: Talamir   Talamir Icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2007 8:53 pm

Name of character: Talamir

Type of creature : Gryphon

He looks a bit different from most gryphons. His talons are longer and
more curved than most gryphons', and his are black. His beak curves to
a wicked hook, also black. His eagle half has redish-brown feathers
with blacker roots. His belly fur is light tan. His lion half has sleek
black fur. His eyes are a sinister deep red.

Contrary to his appearance, he's actually quite nice to know. He is
kind and caring. He acts very brotherly to everyone. He will protect
his friends with his life. Fighting is the only time he is fierce. Most
would-be enemies turn away from his frightening look, but those who
fight against him soon regret it.

History: His mother was a kind
gryphon who everyone loved. His father was a ruthless murderer.
Unfortunately, he got his looks from his father's side. He didn't have
many friend early in his life because of how he looked. Later on,
however, people started to get to know the real Talamir. He yearns to
help people.

Goal: Hero

Age of character: 3 years (I think that's about normal for gryphons...)
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